Our Sponsors

Thanks to the following people and organizations for their generous contributions to our league.

Banner Sponsors
Cali Gold Elite
Celia's Mexican Restaurants
Chobani Yogurt
CJ's Gourmet Deli
Dick's Sporting Goods
Future Pro
Goetz Bros. Sports
Gomez Iron Works
Hit Club Baseball
Maverick Jack's
Multivista Construction Documentation
Phil Chen - Sybarite Luxury Realty
Poletti Print
San Mateo Plumbers and Pipefitters
Sports Basement
Grand Slam Sponsors ($500+)
Jenny and Patrick Donnelly
Euni Kown and Eric Ranta
Carrie Palin Sandstad and Jesse Sandstad
Branislava and Dario Sekelj
Suzie Tomlinson

Home Run Sponsors ($250+)
Aaron and Jennifer Barulich
Clint and Shannon Brayton
Danielle Chiang
Alice Chiao and David Kung
Vince Machado
Dennis and Kayoko Wong
Milana Ostroy

Triple Sponsors ($100+)
Amanda and Ryan Barnes
Maurissa Heffran
Jonathan and Stephanie Cantwell
Douglas Chartier
Lea David
Andrew and Lisa Duffell
Lindsay and Matt Folk
Carin and Russell Fradin
Daniel and Surita Goehl
John Kaufman
Fei Deng and Greg Leonard
Leslie and Paul Luciano
Nimish Mehta
Andrea Drago and Rob O'Hare
Nathan Pan and Lily Zhang
Laith Salma
Bessie and Billy Seybold
Jennifer Sills
Kevin Soo Hoo and Elaine Sun
Craig Sprosts and Tae Yamaura
Lindsay Terry-Lloyd
Jeremy and Julie Veit
Hwami Choi and Dai Watanabe
Teri Kil and Trevor Watt
Alan and Heather Willis