Fall Camp

HLL is now offering a "Fall Camp" to provide a positive baseball experience for the HLL community, while meeting state and county health guidelines relative to COVID-19. These practice based sessions are designed to challenge and develop players in a safe environment.

What is HLL Fall Camp?

The training sessions are a series of baseball practices from mid-September through mid-November. The sessions will provide players with the opportunity to further develop advanced baseball skills, while adhering to the guidelines & standards set forth by the City of Hillsborough & San Mateo County.

  • HLL will form set camp groups, comprising a maximum of 12 players & up to 4 coaches that will adhere to "social cohort" conditions set by the State of California and San Mateo County.
  • Each Camp Group will have a designated field & time slot for 2 hour practices (one weekday and one weekend practice) for 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Only a single team is allowed on a field at any time, and camps will be structured on skill development drills & activities. Absolutely no scrimmages.
  • Unlike our spring season which has ample capacity, we have limited field time and new safety protocols so we may not be able to serve everyone.

Is my child eligible?

To be eligible for the Fall Camp, players & parents will need to:

  • Make a commitment to be in the Hillsborough area throughout the fall, as we won't be able to use substitute or call up players.
  • Sign a player liability waiver which will be provided after the initial registration.
  • Agree to the specific conditions & steps participants will need to follow to comply with personal hygiene & conduct.

How do I sign my child up?

The online registration form is available here.

Given space is limited, what will be the method of prioritizing registration?

Your child must have been registered in HLL Upper Divisions (AAA, Minors, & Majors) for the 2020 spring season. Fees paid in the spring will cover costs for the fall. Availability will be opened up in the following:

  • Coaches kids, as proven coaches will be critical
  • Last year's 12s will have first access
  • Then we will prioritize baseball ages 11 and 10
  • All others based on sign up date for HLL in 2019-20 season until capacity is filled

The camp is specifically for kids in the upper divisions of HLL, as the primary constraint we have here is field availability and coaches. The teams will primarily be assigned by schools and remain static throughout the fall. If we can't get coaches or a critical mass by school, we may not be able to field a team for that school.

How about for younger kids?

With field availability being the primary consideration, we have to limit the program and have prioritized the older kids who have just a few years left in HLL. Also, we will be implementing COVID protocols that should enable us to deliver a safe, quality experience for lower divisions in the future.

What about participation in other youth sports activities?

We recognize and appreciate that the HLL Community is enrolling their children in local activities and youth sports training that follow the similar COVID guidelines we are implementing. However, once you extend beyond our local community the approach in COVID protocols in other counties and states vary dramatically. If you plan on travelling outside the community for anything like youth travel sports tournaments or scrimmages (practices are OK), please do not enroll in HLL Fall Camp. The HLL Board fully realizes that this may preclude certain kids who are hoping to play on other teams, but execution of a safe Fall Camp is our highest priority.

What safety measures are in place?

  • We will follow the state rules regarding youth sports.
  • Hillsborough Recreation and School District must also cooperate to ensure the fields, restrooms, and operations are functional to support league activities.
  • Our approach will follow guidance from LLI and their restart plans.

What happens upon arriving at District?

  • If players have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell) they should NOT attend the session.
  • Each player must bring their own gear, there will be no shared equipment besides baseballs.
    • Baseball glove, bat, batting helmet, cleats, and catchers gear (if desired)
    • Personal hand sanitizer
    • Water bottle
    • Face mask, and one that attaches to the player.
  • The playground at District will be roped off and not available for play.
  • All players need to wear a face mask once out of their car and it should stay on throughout the check in process. Face mask/covering must be carried with the athlete at all times, whether in the athlete's pocket or around their neck.
  • At the start of each practice an HLL appointed official will take player temperatures with a touchless thermometer and ask the player if he/she has any symptoms. Once they are cleared, the parent can depart.
  • Parents/Guardians must stay in the car at drop off/pick up and not accompany the player to the player check-in area. Social distancing throughout the check in process as well as the whole practice.

What happens before practice?

  • On field participation will be limited to the coaches & players of the group. Coaches will set up and break down all equipment before and after practice
  • Dugouts will not be used to prevent unnecessary contact & crowding. Gear will be placed down the foul lines, 6 feet apart.
  • Players and coaches must wear their face mask/covering when meeting with the team and maintain 6 ft social distances while in that designated common area.
  • No contact by any players throughout the practice – minimum 6ft apart at all times. Zero tolerance for players who can't abide by the social distancing rules!
  • 30 minute cushion time in between each training session to ensure the first groups have exited the field and no overlap of groups

What rules will we follow during practice?

  • Groups will maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times. No team huddles, no high fives, fist bumping or horseplay allowed.
  • Players will separate into smaller groups & participate in station-based training.
  • No shared equipment will be allowed (bats, helmets, etc), with the exception of baseballs & tees. Every player has to pick up their own equipment.
  • Face mask/covering must be carried with the athlete at all times, whether in the athlete's pocket or around their neck.
  • Players are encouraged to use the restroom at home before arrival. However, if players must use the restroom, they must do so one at a time and maintain social distancing. Face mask/covering must be worn when using the restroom.

What happens after practice?

  • We will be sanitizing common equipment baseballs, batting cage balls, tees, and common areas after each practice.
  • Players must maintain physical distancing when gathering their bags and equipment.
  • Players are to meet their families in the parking lot. Players should maintain 6 feet physical distancing when walking to the parking lot.
  • Families are encouraged to wipe down all personal equipment at home, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and wash face mask/covering when needed