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Hillsborough Little League (HLL) provides fun and rewarding Little League experiences for boys and girls in Hillsborough and adjacent areas of San Mateo, Burlingame and Millbrae. Roughly 700 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 13 participate in the league each year.

Hillsborough Little League has a proud tradition of excellence in both regular season and All-Star play. We have won over 20 District and Sectional All-Star titles since our inception in 1993. Click here for more information about our All-Star history.


HLL 50-70 All-Stars Win District 52 Tournament

Congratulations to the HLL 50-70 All-Stars for winning the D52 Tournament Championship!

HLL was undefeated throughout the tournament, and ultimately beat Foster City 10-3 in the finals.

The team now moves on to the Section 3 tournament in Fremont.

CLICK HERE for coverage of the series.
CLICK HERE for the D52 game bracket.
CLICK HERE for the Section 3 schedule.

All-Star / Superbowl Daily Updates

Upcoming Games

  • June 24, 12:30pm: 11-12 All-Stars play Belmont/Redwood Shores at Burgess Park (Menlo Park)
  • June 24, 2:00pm: 10-11 All-Stars play Redwood City West at Marten's Field (San Mateo)
  • June 24, 3:00pm: 9-10 All-Stars play San Carlos Blue at La Entrada School (Menlo Park)
  • June 24, 2:00pm: 50-70 All-Stars play Danville in the opening round of the Section 3 tournament at Gomes School (Fremont)

June 20
The Majors Superbowl Team lost to San Carlos National 19-10 in the tournament finals. Congratulations to our Majors Superbowl players, coaches and manager for making it all the way to the championship game.

June 19
The Majors Superbowl Team beat San Mateo National 11-4 in the semifinals.

June 18
The Majors Superbowl Team beat San Carlos American 19-0 in the second round.

June 17
The 50-70 All-Stars beat Foster City 10-3 in the D52 tournament finals. Read the full story here. Congratulations to the team and now on to the Section 3 tournament!
The Majors Superbowl Team beat Belmont/Redwood Shores 13-11 in the opening round.
The Minors Superbowl Team lost to San Mateo American White 7-6 in the opening round and were eliminated. Many thanks to our Minors Superbowl players, coaches and manager for representing HLL.

June 14
The 50-70 All-Stars beat Belmont/Redwood Shores 12-2 in the D52 tournament semifinals.

June 11
The 50-70 All-Stars beat Redwood City 12-1 in the second round of the D52 tournament.

June 10
The 50-70 All-Stars beat Foster City 5-3 in the opening round of the D52 tournament.

2017 All-Star Teams Announced

The following coaches and players have been selected to represent HLL in the upcoming District 52 All-Star and Superbowl Tournaments. Congratulations and good luck to all!

Click for Schedule / Bracket   Click for Schedule / Bracket   Click for Schedule / Bracket
11-12 All-Star Team
Dan Gilmartin - Manager
Cory Goligoski - Coach
Andy O'Brien - Coach
M Dougherty Jr.
R Enright
S Gilmartin
S Goligoski
J Hanson
J Hegstrom
M Klapper
Z Mason
D Moss
J O'Brien
G Parker
C Platkin
A Rocha
10-11 All-Star Team
Doug Robbins - Manager
Chad Forrest - Coach
Vic Dollosso - Coach
N Balch
D Dollosso
T Ebersman
T Egbert
D Kall
D Lyons
K Macy
W Robbins
T Spitzer-Wu
W Tollmann
C Wilbur
C Wong
9-10 All-Star Team
Ben Coughlin - Manager
Elliot Schaffer - Coach
Mark Saltzgaber - Coach
L Burns
J Callen
N Coughlin
R Drake
Q Folk
W Hirsch
L Levitt
A Manuel
I McMahon
D Moss
D Saltzgaber
B Schaffer
R Shoup
Click for Schedule / Bracket   Click for Schedule / Bracket   Click for Schedule / Bracket
50-70 All-Star Team
Sherrick Murdoff - Manager
Kevin Macaluso - Coach
Greg Kall - Coach
K Bauer
A Bhagwati
C Bottoms
J Dioli
J Fitzgerald
S Isero
R Kall
S Macaluso
P Macy
D Maheshwari
M Murdoff
N Wilbur
Majors Superbowl Team
Matt Alexander - Manager
Kent Ledbetter - Coach
Tim Hoey - Coach
W Alexander
J Casey
O DeLuca
C Dhaliwal
A Evangelista
K Hoey
A Jorajuria
C Ledbetter
A Lew
T Macaluso
K Malouf
A Saccuman
Minors Superbowl Team
Dan Carroll - Manager
George Cresson - Coach
Bill Jorajuria - Coach
T Carroll
M Cresson
V Crisp
R Daly
N Finberg
T Flood
O Jorajuria
H Lane
G Larson
T McCann
R Regan
A Stavosky

2017 Season Champions

Congratulations to the Upper Division championship teams!

  • Majors Playoff Champions: Majors Reds, Manager Chad Forrest
  • Majors Regular Season Champions: Majors Cardinals, Manager Kent Ledbetter
  • Minors Playoff Champions: Minors Rockies, Manager Jeffrey Hirsch
  • Minors Regular Season Champions: Minors Orioles, Manager Dan Carroll
  • AAA Playoff Champions: AAA Cardinals, Manager Doug Robbins
  • AAA Regular Season Champions: AAA Padres, Manager Marc Bala
  • AA Playoff Champions: AA Rockies, Manager Michael Donovan

2017 Individual Award Winners

The following individuals were honored with awards at the HLL 2017 Closing Ceremonies:

  • Most Voted Baseball Player: Matthew Dougherty, Jr.
  • Hank Harris Little Leaguer of the Year: William Alexander and Caroline Robinson (tie)
  • Majors Manager of the Year: Chad Forrest
  • Minors Manager of the Year: Jesse Zimmer
  • AAA Manager of the Year: Eric Ranta
  • Volunteer of the Year: Bill Jorajuria
  • Youth Umpire of the Year: John Adrian Dioli

Congratulations to all, and many thanks for your tremendous contributions to our league!

New to HLL?

Learn all about our Baseball and Challenger divisions, find out more about our All-Star and Superbowl teams, or take a look at a few helpful documents relating to the league. You can find all of this by clicking on the League Info link in the left side menu.

Looking for Training or Playing Opportunities Beyond HLL?

Check out our Training Resources and Other Leagues pages for info on further training and development resources, as well as other local baseball playing opportunities beyond HLL.

Little League Bat Information

Click here for the latest information on Little League baseball bat requirements.

Rules for Dogs on our Fields

  • Dogs are not allowed on school property from 30 minutes before school starts until 30 minutes after school is over. This applies to dogs of ALL sizes, including dogs in the arms of their owners.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in the custody of an adult. An adult must be in control of their dog while minor children are present.
  • Clean up after your dog.

Any questions? Contact HLL Communications at info@hllbaseball.org.

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